Clarus releases 90-day trial program for Auctions 3.0

ATLANTA - June 5, 2001 Investing in an e-procurement system can be a big commitment. That's why some e-commerce companies are now offering trial services as way to ease customers into the process without forcing them to cut a $2 million check. Several months ago, ProcureNet began by introducing the B14-ZR program. No, it's not a piece of military equipment, it's simply an offering that allows customers to get connected to the system in 14 days, and try out the system for 90 days. (See for more information).

Perhaps Clarus thought ProcureNet was on to something. Today, the e-commerce company announced a similar program; it is making its Clarus Auctions 3.0 suite available to large and mid-sized enterprises with no licensing fees for the first 90 days of use. According to the offering, clients will be able to access the Auctions 3.0 suite within 10 days of formalizing a relationship with the company.

Customers will only incur up-front costs associated with Sourcing JumpStart, including a one-time flat fee for professional services, training and documentation, half of which may be applied to software fees or subscription extensions at the end of the 90-day program. By joining the initiative, clients will have access to Clarus' suite of auctioning services, including: configuration and demonstration of up to five client determined auction types, including the weighted attribute Request for Quote (RFQ), auction templates, and notification auction alerts. The auctions solution will be hosted and maintained by Clarus during the full try and buy period.

"We are confident in the proven quality and performance of our Clarus Auctions 3.0 suite. We welcome new customers to experience the same incredible value, predictability and rapid ROI we've delivered to our installed base," said Steve Hornyak, Chief Strategy Officer of Clarus. "After that initial 90-day period, companies will wonder how they ever did sourcing without it."

The 90-day trial includes up to nine days of consulting services, three months of hosting and three months unlimited use of the Clarus Auctions 3.0 software.