On the Eighth Day, Xora Rests

Firm boasts seven-day implementation to wireless-enable enterprise applications

Mountain View, CA  June 20, 2001  Xora, a company that provides wireless and voice access to enterprise applications, this week announced a new version of its core application and a campaign it has dubbed the "Seven-day Challenge."

No, the Seven-day Challenge is not an ultra-marathon through the Colorado Rockies. Rather, it is Xora's pledge that it can prove to any customer that it can deliver a pilot installation of its technology in seven days or less.

In announcing the challenge, Xora said that many companies are experiencing long deployment timelines for wireless projects and that few suppliers guarantee accelerated deployment. Xora says its Platform 3.0 solution for linking back-office software applications with wireless and wireline phones, PDAs and the Web lets customers build applications from within their existing development environments, streamlining timelines and saving on costs.

Xora claims clients can achieve a strong return on investment in 90 days or less.

Platform 3.0 is available immediately, and prices start at about $125,000 but vary by installation, according to Xora.