May the Force Be With You

Corechange enters into alliance with Force 3 solutions

Boston  July 2, 2001  In the famous words of the Beatles, sometimes you gotta get by with a little help from you friends. That's what Corechange is doing. The e-access framework software provider today announced that it has entered into an alliance with Force 3, a provider of network solutions. As a result, by combining Corechange's framework for deploying portals with Force 3's network solutions, the alliance enables Corechange to deliver its flagship product, Coreport 3g, to deploy customized portals.

Coreport 3g enables companies to deploy wired or wireless corporate, community, marketplace and mobile commerce portals, customized to each user based on the individual's role within the enterprise. The National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), one of the Centers of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is the first joint customer to implement Coreport 3g. The portal solution designed for the NCHS grants access to applications through a single sign-on and interface and facilitates the transmission of health information to CDC partners.

"Across many levels of government from local to federal, technology is being leveraged to bring more efficiency and collaboration within government agencies, ultimately delivering benefits to taxpayers," said Gary Brown, senior vice president of sales at Force 3. "By partnering with Corechange, we can meet the market demand for building secure portals, uniting a broad range of applications, personalizing information for each user, and enhancing overall work productivity."

"Force 3's upstanding reputation in government communities has been vital in navigating our entrance into this sector and securing our first joint customer," said Jeff Spotts, executive vice president of marketing at Corechange. "Together, we were able to quickly assess the needs of the CDC and deploy a portal solution aligned with its specific requests. We anticipate continued success through our strategic alliance with Force 3."