Chevron Takes on e-Provisioning

Oil company to automate allocation of IT resources

San Diego  July 23, 2001  Chevron Information Technology Co. (CITC) will use e-provisioning software from technology provider Business Layers as part of a company-wide, directory-based provisioning project.

Rochelle, N.J.-based Business Layers' eProvision Day One software allows organizations to automate the allocation of information technology (IT) resources, such as access to company networks, to employees and business partners across existing IT infrastructure.

Chevron's directory services project is a sub-project of CITC's company-wide program to upgrade Chevron's IT Infrastructure and to improve it's e-business capabilities. The directory services project team will be responsible for upgrading the company's current enterprise directory services to provide complete and accurate employee and supplier information to Chevron. Additionally, through eProvision Day One, Chevron is working to establish a better foundation for managing internal and external access to IT resources.

"Chevron intends to streamline the provisioning of computer IDs and accounts, as well as automate the approval process for assigning employee and supplier access to Chevron's digital resources," noted Mike Reddy, manager of global infrastructure delivery for CITC. "Directory services are a key element of Chevron's next generation IT infrastructure. Optimizing the performance of our directory-based applications will provide substantial operating efficiencies within the IT organization as well enable our businesses to control access to their resources more easily."

"Businesses need to understand the link between IT infrastructure and bottom line profitability," said Izhar Shay, CEO of Business Layers. "Chevron has demonstrated this understanding by assigning a team of experts to reassess and improve technology systems for the benefit of the overall business. We look forward to adding eProvisioning functionality to Chevron's IT infrastructure and anticipate that Chevron will see a significant return on investment as the project is implemented across the entire company."