Just a Snippet

Snippets Software offers new wireless data delivery capabilities

Pleasanton, CA  July 24, 2001  Snippets Software, provider of platforms for enterprise information delivery (like dashboard services), announced today that it has extended the alert and notification features of the Snippets platform to include messaging capability on wireless devices and remote desktop systems. These new capabilities will allow users to receive automatic notifications when changes occur in important documents, inventory levels, sales performance, IT systems and any other information they need to monitor while away from the office.

"By connecting corporate employees to personalized data and analysis, Snippets is helping its enterprise customers make significant improvements in decision making and productivity," said Greg Millar, Snippets Software CEO and Cofounder. "The latest enhancements to our platform will further add to these improvements by ensuring that users away from the office are immediately notified when important events occur."

Wondering where the name snippets came from? So was I. It appears that "snippets" are Java/XML-based agents that collect and analyze enterprise data sources and applications. Each snippet monitors its "target" data source and provides automatic alerts when information changes or critical parameters are exceeded. The new wireless, text-messaging capability gives each snippet a user-configurable means of "pushing" alerts to other text-messaging-capable devices. Users can provide an e-mail address of a mobile device or other desktop system where they would like to receive notifications. Snippets automatically generates informative text messages and sends them to the device specified by the user.