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Ireland and America meet in the supply chain

Fairfield, NJ  August 9, 2001  Leading Edge, an independent supply chain consultancy located in Ireland, has partnered with Vertex Interactive. Leading Edge will be supplying Vertex's warehouse management and supply chain fulfillment solutions, and has the sole reseller agreement in Ireland for Vertex's proprietary UMDC solution that offers SAP R/3 users a solution providing mobile data collection for inventory and logistics management.

The current business trend in supply chain management is delivering to companies many of the substantial savings benefits that failed to emerge under previous technology revolutions. The wealth of U.S. and other multinationals now based in Ireland has given the country a lead on many of its European neighbors in terms of the early adoption of supply chain technologies and the development of more efficient supply chain practices.

"Ireland is now a maturing market for supply chain technology. Although the large U.S. companies introduced the technology  and have helped to give Ireland the edge  this is leading to a more rapid acceptance from sub-suppliers and other indigenous companies who are not only looking for compatible systems and information, but have also seen the cost effectiveness," commented Joe Aherne, managing director of Leading Edge.

Vertex's product portfolio includes B2B supply chain management solutions, individual or integrated solutions for order processing, warehouse management and transport management, and point solutions to speed up picking, packing and data collection.

"Vertex prides itself on providing a business solution', and not just offering software. To maintain our standards we have to be sure the customer is getting the right advice and using the right solution," commented Jacqui Gerrard, chief operations officer of Vertex Interactive Europe. "Leading Edge is a consultancy group which only consists of industry practitioners with real experience, and we are sure that they will advise on our products in a way which offers customers tangible results and rapid savings."

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