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Icarian, Business Objects ally

Sunnyvale, CA  September 11, 2001  Icarian, which provides Web-based workforce management and staffing solutions, announced it has signed a new application provider agreement with Business Objects to deliver Icarian Extract Reporting, a new Human Resource (HR) application that encompasses business-intelligence capabilities. The new application is the first of three that will be offered to enable staffing and HR professionals to make strategic staffing and business decisions via ad hoc reporting and advanced analytics.

"We are pleased to work with technology companies like Icarian to deliver business intelligence capabilities for their HR applications," said Bill Robinson, vice president of North American sales for Business Objects. "Business Objects will enhance what Icarian's customers have been able to do in streamlining their recruiting and staffing process company-wide. Users can quickly and easily create and analyze reports to make better hiring and overall business decisions."

Icarian has selected Business Objects to extend the overall reporting capabilities of its Icarian Workforce Solution Suite. Icarian Extract Reporting, to be made available this month, is the first of three analytic applications to be delivered as part of Icarian's Workforce Solution Suite. Icarian Extract Reporting will offer business professionals in HR the ability to access, analyze, and share critical staffing and recruiting information.

The two additional applications will offer a complete reporting solution for Icarian's customers and will include Icarian Ad-Hoc Reporting and Icarian Analytic Reporting. These products are slated to be available in 2002 and aim to provide customers with full reporting functionality by providing greater flexibility to staffing, HR, and business professionals.

Business Objects is an established customer of Icarian, and beta-tested Icarian Extract Reporting. Business Objects also was a part of the design and development process for Icarian Extract Reporting. The company plans to continue to provide Icarian with input on the design of the two upcoming reporting applications through the Icarian design-partner program in which many customers participate.

"We view Business Objects as a clear leader in the enterprise business intelligence market," stated Ed Koepfler, Icarian's CEO and president. "By providing advanced ad hoc and analytic reporting to our current standard report set, Icarian products will surpass all others in ensuring that HR professionals have the full range of choices they've been asking for to meet reporting and business needs. Nothing else comes close to this breadth of functionality."