Time to Rebuild

Members of the AEC industry offer services for rebuilding

Kent, WA  September 21, 2001  In an effort to aid contractors that will be involved with the World Trade Center and Pentagon rebuilding projects, WinEstimator Inc., an architecture, engineering and constructing (AEC) industry supplier of cost estimating software; and Cost Core Technologies, LLC, a company that deals in Internet AEC industry electronic commerce, have announced programs to donate cost estimating software and Web portal subscriptions to those efforts.

For rebuild purposes, the WEI/CCT Alliance is making available 1,000 seats (or, licenses) of "WinEst Pro v.6" cost estimating and request-for-quote (RFQ ) server software. In addition, an accompanying 1,000 permits to access and use ContractorHUB.com, an e-procurement Web portal, for up to two years is being donated. The total retail value of the WinEst estimating software and the ContractorHUB.com Web portal subscription services donations are estimated at $5.035 million.

"These donations should help accelerate project process cost estimating and procurement tasks necessary for essential recovery and any rebuilding or reconstruction efforts for these, or adjacent, structures," remarked Istvan Szabo, CEO of WinEstimator Inc. and manager of Cost Core Technologies, LLC.

"Our heartfelt sympathies go out to all the victims, their families, friends and co-workers  nothing can replace their loss, he said. But, perhaps in some participative way, these donations will help accelerate reconstruction processes for many of the tangible structures, buildings and businesses destroyed by these heinous terrorist attacks on our country."

For full details on the conditional requirements for contractor participation in this donation program, visit either of these two sites: Winest.com or ContractorHUB.