Four Staplers and a Pen

Fogle Computing offers a requisition system for corporations

Hattiesburg, MS  October 10, 2001  Fogle Computing Corp., a computer services and software provider, recently released an Internet-based requisitions system to handle forms and supplies for users of forms and office supplies within a corporation. Supporting an inventory management focus, the system helps large organizations with extensive forms and office supply needs.

With simple user interfacing, approved users can log onto the Internet, browse through a catalog set up from their internal supply room, and request supplies. The system features the ability to search by description and to include a message to the stockroom personnel.  In the stockroom, the request is picked up by FCC's Stockroom Inventory software, issued to the requestor, and then charged to his or her cost center.

Our Web-based requisitions provide an inexpensive, convenient, and more accurate way for the corporate stockroom to receive requests for supplies, says John Fogle, company president. And the Web-hosting can be provided by FCC, or by the user.

The system, being installed at The Hattiesburg Clinic in Hattiesburg, Miss., and at UNIROYAL Chemical, represents a mix of specialty software aimed at narrow market niches.