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New strategy, solutions target business process automation across systems, enterprises

Burlington, MA  October 23, 2001  eXcelon Corp., a provider of solutions to streamline and e-enable business processes, unveiled its new product strategy today along with a new XML e-business platform and a troika of industry-focused solutions targeting the insurance, chemical and manufacturing industries.

eXcelon says its new strategy is designed to increase return on investment (ROI) on information technology (IT) initiatives by allowing enterprises to leverage their legacy systems and providing for faster automation of business processes that span systems, geographies and organizations.

The strategy aims to help enterprises address the issues of how to make use of the data residing in different systems throughout their organizations and their extended value chains, and how to take better advantage of the functionality available in their current enterprise applications, according to Larry Alston, eXcelon chief technology officer and executive vice president of product management.

Alston says his company has heard from its clients that they have spent a tremendous amount of money on enterprise applications but have wound up using just a small percentage of the total functionality available through those systems. "People tend to solve one kind of business problem with an enterprise solution, but they have to buy the whole thing to solve that one problem, always with the hopes that they'll be able to grow into the other stuff," Allston said. "But at the end of the day, they never really get to that level of implementation."

eXcelon says its developed its new strategy to address the frustration experienced by businesses that have grown disillusioned by disparate enterprise systems. The provider's solutions allow organizations to embrace a Web services-enabled architectural approach to conducting business by integrating legacy systems.

Discussing eXcelon in a report on European e-business, Beth Barling, a researcher with technology consultancy AMR Research, wrote: "[eXcelon] combines a top-down approach to tackling business problems with the low-level eXtensible Markup Language (XML)-based integration technologies required to sew together disparate systems into the composite business applications required to support business processes that span multiple systems across internal and external entities. Where eXcelon seeks to distinguish itself from other integration vendors is at the business process level."

eXcelon is building its product strategy around its new XML platform, which to company says includes the components that developers need to design, automate and deploy business solutions that correct deficiencies in current business processes. The XML platform provides an option for organizations seeking to leverage existing technology investments and eliminate the pain associated with adjusting applications to accommodate new business requirements.

The provider's industry-focused solutions, called Business eXcelerators, run on top of the XML platform and include workflows, services and common information models designed to support industry-specific business requirements. eXcelon says the eXcelerator can be customized to meet the specific needs of any organization within the industry for which the eXcelerator was designed. The first three components target the chemical, high-tech manufacturing and insurance industries.

Alston asserted that this type of service-based architecture should be a crucial component of any technology implementation because of its flexibility and "future-proof" orientation. "In the current market climate, IT decision makers must not only justify every dollar they spend, they must also uncover ways to leverage their existing legacy systems to ensure that the future needs of their businesses are being met," Alston said.

Today's announcements mark the company's first major product milestone since the completion of its merger with C-bridge Internet Solutions in September.

The new strategy combines the strengths of eXcelon's technology with C-bridge's industry knowledge and strategic consulting expertise, according to eXcelon CEO Joe Bellini. "eXcelon and C-bridge have always satisfied the same customer needs  just from different angles," said Bellini "By blending technology with deep domain expertise, we can provide the remedy to enterprise business problems, not just technology problems."

The eXcelon Platform is available immediately, while the Excelerators are scheduled to be available later this quarter.