Real Know How

UPS launches new consulting company subsidiary

ATLANTA  October 31, 2001  UPS announced a new subsidiary, UPS Consulting, that will offer clients supply chain management strategies that more closely align business goals with operational capabilities.

The new subsidiary furthers UPS's strategy of enabling global commerce by expanding UPS services beyond existing supply chain solutions that traditionally focus on maximizing efficiencies.

UPS Consulting will advise clients on areas that go beyond fulfillment and distribution such as product design, sales and marketing, planning, procurement, production and cash management. Results include improved forecasting accuracy, reduced cycle times and process costs, better asset utilization and reduced working capital requirements.

"In recent years UPS has invested heavily in growing its capabilities to bring the broadest range of solutions to our customers who want to refine their global supply chains," said Joe Pyne, UPS senior vice president for corporate development. "Looking forward, many businesses want to take the next step and re-engineer how they approach their entire business. UPS Consulting's staff has the expertise to help them reach that goal."

Gene Long, formerly the global director of supply chain consulting for Ernst & Young, has been named president of the subsidiary. Long also served as director of Worldwide Logistics for Dell Computer Corp., where he managed Dell's global distribution activities in order to optimize performance of the company's legendary supply chain.

"Businesses often miss the mark by neglecting to integrate supply chain management strategies into the overall business and marketing plans," Long said. "UPS Consulting is going to market under the theme `Real. Know. How.' because of our team's depth of both consulting and hands-on industry experience. We bring a real-world viewpoint which results in solutions that yield enterprise-wide results."