Siemens announces Soarian Clinical Access to integrate medical images with the electronic patient records

MALVERN, PA  November 26, 2001  In yet another effort to e-enable the healthcare industry, Siemens Medical Solutions of Siemens AG announced that it will introduce Soarian(TM) Clinical Access at this year's Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) show. The offering is aimed at seamlessly integrating the complete electronic patient record with medical modalities.

An extension of Soarian -the recently announced new generation health information solution from Siemens - Soarian Clinical Access is the clinical repository accessible from Siemens syngo(R)-enabled imaging workstations. Syngo is Siemens' medical imaging operating system and user interface (UI) that works across all Siemens modalities. Soarian's browser-enabled UI is modeled on syngo, offering ease of navigation by bringing all clinical, financial, and medical image data into one patient-centric view. Soarian Clinical Access will be introduced in the U.S. and international markets and is expected to become generally available in second quarter 2002.

"Many hospitals are equipped with a variety of IT systems such as operating room, radiology, laboratory, clinical information systems or administrative hospital information systems. Soarian Clinical Access pulls all that information together so that all pertinent patient information is available to the clinician at the workstation," said Dr. Erich Reinhardt, president and chief executive officer of Siemens Medical Solutions. "By combining medical technology and information systems, Siemens helps healthcare providers improve workflow, and gives clinicians the tools they need to provide their patients with the best possible care."

"For the first time, clinicians can seamlessly navigate from modality images to the patient's complete medical record which can significantly enhance patient safety," explained Dr. Wilfried Baldauf-Sobez, vice president and general manager for Siemens Health Services clinical business segment. "For example, Soarian Clinical Access makes it easy to check a patient's allergies before injecting a potentially life-threatening contrast agent. Fast, easy access to the electronic patient record is available at the point of care and at any modality, reporting workstation, or PC with a standard Internet browser and access to the Internet."