High Flying e-Commerce

Entigo selected by Honeywell aerospace for MyFlite.com

Vienna, VA, December 5, 2001  Entigo Corp., a provider of sell and service-side e-business solutions, today announced the launch of Honeywell's Business, Regional and General Aviation (BRGA) MyFlite.com, which is an e-commerce portal for Honeywell's entire Executive Jet and Regional Airport Customer and Supplier Network.

Honeywell used Entigo Catalog, Entigo Order, and Entigo Reality Builder, as well as other technologies, to develop the new site, which is an extension of the Honeywell BendixKing.com avionic portal created in partnership with Entigo and launched in February 2000 to serve Honeywell's general aviation dealers and pilot community.

The new private Myflite.com avionics portal, tested by Embraer, Gulfstream, Falconjet, and the Duncan Aviation dealer service network, builds on the feedback and experience gained from the BendixKing.com site. With MyFlite.com, Honeywell said in a statement that it will enable its executive jet and regional airport dealers, distributors, and customers to conduct business online in real-time. The company also said its channel partners and customers can now browse online catalogs, compare multiple products in one view, check inventory status, obtain pricing, place orders with point-and-click ease, track orders, and check shipment status through the delivery process online in real time.

The system was designed to integrate directly with legacy Honeywell business systems, and it works with Web and electronic data interface (EDI) connections. The system gives users the ability to view pre-negotiated contract pricing, and online order tracking and management, and it also allows dealers and distributors to build a brand identity.

"The Entigo team was instrumental in developing the original BendixKing System in partnership with us, and we are pleased to work with them once again to create this new MyFlite exchange," said Richard van Rensburg, electronic business leader for Honeywell's regional and general aviation operations. "The BendixKing site is benefiting Honeywell in many ways. Not only has it increased brand awareness and built loyalty among our General Aviation dealers and pilots by making it easier for them to do business with

Honeywell, but it has improved efficiency in the company's dealer network by removing the manual intervention in order processing and routine communications and improving the transactions."

Honeywell BRGA, located in Glendale Ariz., designs, develops, manufacturers, deploys, and services avionics systems and products for the worldwide business aircraft, regional airline, and helicopter marketplace. Its customers are business and regional airframe manufacturers, completion centers, avionics dealers, flight operations, regional airlines, pilots and airport managers.