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SAP Markets releases SRM solution, parent company sees fourth quarter revenues on the horizon

WALLDORF, Germany and PALO ALTO, CA  January 14, 2002  Software mammoth SAP is starting off its 2002 with some good news. The business infrastructure software provider recently announced that, after a preliminary review, it anticipates its 2001 full-year revenues to grow by more than 16%. But, the company is remaining reserved. The Company expects the near-term market environment to remain challenging. Based on current economic conditions it anticipates that customers will continue to invest cautiously in e-business software solutions.  SAP will provide additional details on its 2001 preliminary results on January 23, 2002.

Meanwhile in California, SAP's spinoff exchange company, SAP Markets, announced the availability of mySAP" Supplier Relationship Management (mySAP SRM). The new offering is designed to manage supplier relationships in a comprehensive manner that improves the competitiveness and profitability of a value chain.

SRM is a popular topic in supply chain management these days, and SAP Markets is no doubt feeling the pressure to move into this space. is the fastest way to lower costs and increase profits. mySAP SRM builds on the mySAP" E-Procurement offering. It provides a holistic view of all supplier-facing relationships through open integration with both SAP® and non-SAP supply chain management (SCM), product lifecycle management (PLM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. By also integrating the e-selling solutions of suppliers, mySAP SRM drives processes that run in, across and beyond a company's boundaries.

These efforts lead to higher compliance across the supply chain, better supplier selection, shorter cycle times and focused sourcing strategies. Analytics capabilities allow companies to analyze past procurement patterns and project future spending, taking into consideration current and evolving business factors. The solution enables businesses to carry out better-informed supplier discovery and qualification, and increase collaboration for more-accurate planning. This leads to more-strategic and value-enhancing relationships throughout the supply base.

To be competitive in the get real' economy, companies need innovative solutions for identifying and maximizing profits, said John Moore, an analyst at ARC Advisory Group Inc. A key area for improvement is more proactively managing supplier relationships. By building on its expertise in collaborative business processes, its understanding of customer needs and its proven history of execution, SAP Markets has put together an impressive SRM solution that provides the required functional depth and integration capabilities to continuously manage a company's supply base.

As we continue to develop new services and extend our reach into new markets, the benefits of running a more efficient sourcing system will allow SK Telecom to continue satisfying its customers and stay ahead of the competition, said Young-Kyu Park, Group Project Manager of SK Telecom. We can pour the money we save back into developing new features for our customers.

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