Security Crackdown

WhereNet partners with IITRI for airport, security and military applications

Santa Clara, CA  January 31, 2002  WhereNet Corp., a provider or wireless supply chain visibility solutions, announced that it has partnered with IITRI (IIT Research Institute) to bring tracking, identification and security applications to the government market.

As an initial step to educate and heighten awareness about the capabilities of WhereNet's wireless Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) technology, WhereNet and IITRI have installed a campus-wide system at a 10+ acre facility in Lanham, Md. IITRI will use the WhereNet system to demonstrate a multitude of location-based solutions for the government. 

Andrew O'Neill, RTLS' business manager for IIT Research Institute said that even before the events of September 11, IITRI and WhereNet believed in the potential for RTLS technology in government. Given the reality of recent events and the justifiable concerns about our nation's security, we are excited to partner with WhereNet to expand IITRI's capabilities and accelerate the development of state-of-the-art security applications.

IITRI has completed the installation of the WhereNet system that provides indoor and outdoor coverage throughout the 10-acre, three-building Lanham, Md campus. At the campus, WhereNet is showcasing its wireless locating and tracking technology, which will typically be able to locate any tagged asset or person to within 10 feet and monitor movements into and out of different areas throughout the campus. IITRI will use the system and its prolific team of scientists, engineers, and technical personnel to develop solutions for critical technology problems.

RTLS transmitters can also be used to:

Control access to sensitive and restricted areas (federal buildings, airports, HAZMAT environments, nuclear sites).

Locate and track individuals with specific skills or responsibilities, especially in crisis situations (medics, fire and rescue, police, security, mechanics, baggage handlers).

Identify, review, and analyze the trail of a person, group, or asset before, during and after the unauthorized activity.

Effectively manage large numbers of critical personnel and valuable assets under severe conditions (smoke, fog, fire, darkness) and identify tagged personnel and non-tagged intruders. Tagged assets can include powered and non-powered equipment, cargo and cargo containers, ground support equipment, fuel trucks, and ramp, service and security staff. 

The companies also stated that because IITRI is located near Washington, D.C. they expect to host government officials at the Lanham, Md. campus, educating and enlightening them about the capabilities of WhereNet's wireless technology.

By leveraging IITRI's technical engineering staff combined with WhereNet's technology, we will jointly bring to market next-generation security applications powered by WhereNet. Our technology can provide a significant additional layer of security in airport and military environments, said Matt Armanino, vice president of business development for WhereNet.

Established in 1936 and affiliated with the Illinois Institute of Technology, IITRI is one of the largest not-for-profit research, development and technology solutions companies in the United States.