Making Web Services Work

Despite industry skepticism, webMethods tackles Web services

FAIRFAX, VA  February 4, 2002  webMethods, Inc., a provider of integration software, has laid out its plans to tackle the Web Services beast as of today. webMethods is the first integration vendor to offer a solution for deploying, integrating and managing Enterprise Web Services, yet remains confident.

Much attention has been paid to the tools necessary for developing Web Services. This is only a small part of the picture. The real value comes from integrating Enterprise Web Services with the mission-critical applications and processes that run a business. webMethods' unique approach combines support for common protocols, such as SOAP, WSDL and UDDI, with the management capabilities, transactional integrity and security features required for enterprise-level functionality.

"As the concept of Web Services begins to mature, organizations should be sure to consider individual vendor support for Web Services as one of several criteria as they evaluate various integration product offerings," said Carolyn White, Sr. Research Analyst for META Group. "Choosing an integration player that supports Web Services standards in current product offerings can provide a jump start to any standards-based IT strategy; but organizations should be clear that these Web Services can be integrated with their enterprise."

"To date the industry has focused on defining an approach to Web Services that requires low level development tools and extensive coding," said Jim Green, executive vice president and CTO of webMethods. "Our customers have indicated that they are interested in a low risk solution that allows them to use their existing applications and business processes, rather than requiring new development. webMethods offers a solution with which Enterprise Web Services can be deployed with three clicks of a mouse and then managed as a seamless part of a business process."