Questions About Getting Carded

Purchasing card professionals exchange ideas, ask questions online in new virtual community

MINNEAPOLIS  February 7, 2002 ­ Got a question about using purchasing cards? The National Association of Purchasing Card Professionals (NAPCP) can help. The NAPCP announced recently that it has created an eNetworking message board for Purchasing Card professionals worldwide. The eNetworking function allows Purchasing Card professionals to pose questions and receive immediate feedback from other NAPCP members.  The dialogues are logged and organized by subject and date for future reference.  Both Purchasing Card end-users and provider members participate in this virtual networking opportunity.

"This is another effective way that we can bring together the ever-growing Purchasing Card community", said Laura Flandrick, NAPCP Managing Director.  "Members can draw on a breadth of industry experiences and the deep knowledge base that is presented by other end-users and card issuers.  Trial and error approaches are therefore eliminated.  We also expect our international membership to grow sizably as a direct result".

Ginger Loesch of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory is an NAPCP member who has found the NAPCP eNetworking forum to be an efficient resource.  "The responses to my questions came in fast and furious.  I was able to gather the facts I needed ten times faster than by standard research methods.  To be able to get such information and insights so quickly and easily was very valuable to me".

The National Association of Purchasing Card Professionals is a non-profit organization created for the advancement of Purchasing Card professionals and practices.  Its primary objective is to provide an end-user focus and an industry-diverse forum for networking, education and the setting and sharing of Purchasing Cards.