Optimized for Itanium

Dash releases AspenTech process industry supply chain software for Intel platform

Tempe, AZ  April 23, 2002  AspenTech has released a new version of its Aspen MIMI process industry supply chain optimization software for Intel Itanium processor-based systems with the help of Dash Optimization. Aspen Technology is a supplier of integrated software and solutions to the process industries, while Dash specializes in optimization software development.

Companies frequently need to solve extremely large, complex optimization problems in their supply chains as they exploit opportunities to further consolidate and integrate their activities. Dash asserts that while its Xpress-MP software can already address large problems quickly, the large, 64-bit memory addressability of the Itanium processor opens up the potential for AspenTech process industry customers to reap even greater benefits from the company's supply chain solutions.

"The market for optimization solutions is driven by two basic factors", said Alan Dormer, director of Dash Optimization. "Consolidation and supply chain integration are making problems much bigger, and the requirements for rapid response means that customers are demanding good solutions, quickly. Dash Optimization invests heavily in the software, but this is only part of the story. We need access to the best hardware, such as the Itanium processor, to continue this path."

Dash said it plans further releases for the other AspenTech e-supply chain products, including Aspen PIMS, which Dash is also optimizing using its Xpress-MP software.

"Aspen MIMI has a well-deserved reputation in the market for solving complex customer problems and delivering bottom line improvements", said Mary Palermo, chief operating officer of AspenTech. "Xpress-MP is the vital optimization component within MIMI, and its ability to take advantage of the latest hardware advances of the Itanium processor, means that we can continue to offer our customers competitive advantage."