Adonix Adds Data Collection

New module for mid-market ERP suite swaps data between functions

Pittsburgh  May 14, 2002  Adonix, a provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for mid-market companies, rolled out a data collection module for the provider's X3 ERP suite and immediately announced a new customer for the data collection-enabled system.

Data Collection is an automated data collection solution embedded in X3 that communicates between manufacturing, distribution and accounting functions for the seamless and secure processing of an array of shop floor and warehouse business transactions. X3 is designed for mid-market enterprises that require a high-level of functionality and flexibility at a mid-market price point.

Adonix asserts that most ERP systems on the market today do not inherently support automated data collection, while evolving mid-market companies often face unanticipated requirements to pass data to and from third party systems. This frequently requires that these companies assume costly and complicated integration expenses that can drive up the costs of the initial ERP system.

The provider's Data Collection module gathers data directly from automated input devices across operational areas, verifies its accuracy and passes the data to X3 for immediate update. It also controls all prompts on collection devices, manages the entire network of devices and ensures that data is saved during system downtime.

Adonix also announced today that Austin Productions, a supplier of fine art and decorative reproductions, is going to be one of the first customers to implement the data collection-enabled X3 system. Austin, with 350 employees in five locations around the world, will implement the complete X3 ERP suite, including the Data Collection module, to manage its manufacturing, finance and distribution.

Philip Akonom, vice president and chief technology officer of Austin, said his company looked at 20 ERP suppliers before settling on Adonix. "The Adonix Data Collection module is a necessity for the success of our implementation and demonstrates that Adonix has a thorough understanding of the needs of real world businesses," Akonom said.