Print Patent Proves Impressive

e-LYNXX receives business methods patent for competitive bidding of print

Chambersburg, PAMay 28, 2002The e-LYNXX Corporation announced it has received a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office covering a widely used business method that forms the basis for many of today's electronic business solutions for print procurement. This puts the company in the position of owning the rights to a process that is a key element for buyers of printing.

In essence, the patent provides e-LYNXX with ownership of the rights to the computer-driven practice of matching the manufacturing capabilities and other attributes of a print supplier to individual job specs, such that print buyers can now obtain competitive pricing based on their suppliers' open production capacity. Conversely, those suppliers are now able to obtain greater job opportunities to fill available time in their production schedule without added marketing and sales costs.

e-LYNXX Vice President Doug Harbach says this first patent is a key ingredient in true hard dollar cost savings for print buyers. "The invention addresses a long felt need within the print industry for a method of identifying and managing multiple pools of preferred suppliers to ensure genuine pricing competition," Harbach says.

"Print buyers are always trying to overcome the so-called 'iron triangle' of timeliness, quality, and price, where one element is inevitably sacrificed to obtain the other two, Harbach continued. Under the real-world use of our patent, buyers can consistently obtain all three ingredients on each customized purchase of a print job."

The patent was assigned Registration No. 6,397,197 with an issue date of May 28, 2002.