Omnexus Simplifies Order Process

Plastics e-marketplace rolls out 3-step buying process, change order functionality

Atlanta  June 18, 2002  Global plastics e-marketplace Omnexus reported this week that it has upgraded its online procurement system to reduce the number of steps in the ordering process and to add change order functionality.

The simplified process now requires only three steps for plastics buyers to initiate orders with one or multiple suppliers using a single online order template.

Omnexus says that the new functionality, combined with the e-marketplaces new UltraLite technology, which allows companies to upload their order files to their suppliers' order systems and avoid double entry, offers companies a path for transitioning from traditional order methods to online procurement.

"The Omnexus e-marketplace's simplified three-step order process will significantly improve the buyer's experience, in great part due to the valued input of current Omnexus customers and suppliers," said Michael J. Walsh, interim CEO for the e-marketplace. "The new order system allows our current customers a greater ease of navigation and flexibility throughout the order process."

The upgrades to the e-marketplace, besides the three-step order process, include change order capabilities that can be initiated by the buyer; improved order processing options, including automatic order creation and submission features; search functionality that lets buyers quickly find their orders; and online reporting features, showing real-time status of all submitted orders.

Founded in 2000, Omnexus says it relied on feedback from several of its current customers and suppliers in designing the new simplified order process under an initiative called the User Experience Project.