Wireless Fleet

Mobile productivity tool expands company's reach into environmental services market

Minneapolis  August 1, 2002  Gearworks, a provider of wireless and Web-based applications, has said that Fleet Environmental Services LLC, an integrated provider of environmental, abatement and selective demolition services, has selected Gearworks' flagship product, etrace, to automate and manage business activities carried out by its field personnel.

According to Gearworks, Fleet will use etrace to reduce customer paperwork for its mobile workforce associated with hazardous waste clean up and removal. etrace, which consists of a wireless application that runs on standard mobile devices, a Web-based system for dispatchers and a real-time connection back to enterprise systems, will also allow Fleet to more accurately track employee, equipment and waste disposal costs for customer billing.

"Like most companies in our industry, Fleet has long relied on a paper-intensive process for quoting, documenting and invoicing our customers," said Brian House, president and CEO for Fleet Environmental Services. "We see significant quality and profitability improvements in the ability to track personnel and equipment deployments, inventory control and customer invoicing on a 'real time' basis. Our field personnel will have the ability to feed information directly into our operations control center and our accounting system."

Gearworks said etrace's architecture and GUI allowed the application to be configured to meet Fleet's specific needs and business processes.

The Fleet implementation extends Gearworks' reach into the environmental services market, furthering the company's penetration of multiple vertical industries, including HVAC, plumbing, facility management, and home or commercial service delivery.

"Businesses that depend on field workers are quickly recognizing the value of arming their workforces with a mobile communications and productivity tool," said Keith Lauver, CEO for Gearworks. "We are excited to help improve Fleet Environmental Services' business processes by providing a wireless solution that replaces its paper-based billing system and acts as an electronic clipboard for the company's field technicians."

Fleet will run the etrace application on handheld computers from Symbol Technologies Inc.