Upgrade from SupplySolution

Version 4.4.0 of i-Supply improving delivery and shipping functionalities

Southfield, MI  August 9, 2002  SupplySolution, a provider of supply chain execution applications for manufacturing, distribution, exchange and supplier organizations, this week rolled version 4.4.0 of its i-Supply solution, a Web-based application for direct material fulfillment.

The latest release adds user-defined suggested delivery formulas, improved hot links from the inventory control screen and better shipment tracking abilities, according to the solution provider.

As part of the updates, users will be able to configure the suggested delivery logic to personalize the application to meet their enterprise-specific needs. The upgrade enhances i-Supply's capability to interface with the suppliers' management resource planning (MRP) applications.

"Some of the 2,000 companies that use the i-Supply Service worldwide, told us they wanted more flexibility and more control over the application," said Mike Hennessey, vice president product management for SupplySolution. "The upgrades add those elements to our current service offering, including additional and enhanced links from the inventory console and more user-friendly barcode printing features."