Eying Supply Chain Management

Bausch & Lomb to use PeopleSoft SCM solution to get better view of global customer demand

Pleasanton, CA  August 13, 2002  Bausch & Lomb is eying its worldwide customer fulfillment process, implementing a supply chain management (SCM) solution in a bid to standardize its order-to-cash processes across geographically dispersed business units.

The eye-care giant is set to deploy PeopleSoft's Supply Chain Management, which the company will use to gain a single, centralized view of global customer demand across its different units.

PeopleSoft's Internet-based solution will replace the company's legacy systems with an integrated order management and inventory solution. The solution provider said that tight integration of these processes will provide real-time insight into customer demand and product profitability. As a result, Bausch & Lomb will have the opportunity to more efficiently manage inventory levels and control supply chain costs.

"PeopleSoft SCM will provide Bausch & Lomb with an integrated solution, enabling us to monitor global product demand in real time," said Marie Smith, chief information officer of Bausch & Lomb. "PeopleSoft SCM will transform our reporting capabilities by streamlining the time-intensive process of reconciling data from a variety of locations worldwide. With instant visibility into key order and inventory data, we can optimize our distribution processes to ensure rapid and efficient response to customer demand."

Bausch & Lomb will use PeopleSoft's Customer Fulfillment Management solution to manage its entire order-to-cash business process, from promotions management and order entry and fulfillment through customer bill payment. According to PeopleSoft, by using an integrated solution, Bausch & Lomb will be able to measure the effectiveness of promotional campaigns across multiple regions and make coordinated fulfillment decisions based on each customer's needs.

In addition, customers will gain self-service access to ordering and account settlement processes, resulting in increased operational efficiencies for both Bausch & Lomb and its customers.

"For life science companies like Bausch & Lomb, streamlined customer fulfillment and compliance with regulatory requirements are critical to operations," said Mike Frandsen, general manager of PeopleSoft's supply chain management division. "Bausch & Lomb must respond dynamically to customer demand, and at the same time comply with regulations such as 21 CFR Part 11, a mandate relating to the use of electronic signatures and records, to ensure they simultaneously maintain the highest levels of customer service and compliance."