BPML Takes Step Forward

Infosys unveils engine to demonstrate business process modeling language technology

Tempe, AZ  August 15, 2002  Infosys Technologies, an information technology (IT) consulting firm, is reporting that it has developed a process engine to demonstrate business process modeling language (BPML) technology.

BPML is a specification for modeling end-to-end business processes from the Business Process Management Initiative (also known as BPMI.org), the leading standards consortium for business process management (BPM). BPML provides an abstract, executable model that addresses various aspects of enterprise business processes.

BPML's advocates say that companies using the specification have the potential to better align their IT with business by gaining visibility into real-time business operations, the flexibility to design and deploy dynamic business processes, and the agility to collaborate with partners over extended value chains.

"Business process management, as envisioned by BPMI.org, is a paradigm shift that has far reaching implications for enterprises," said S Gopalakrishnan, chief operating officer at Infosys. "The trend is gaining industry mind-share rapidly, and it is predicted to become a key feature of enterprise IT systems in the future."

Code-named Choreo, the process engine developed by Infosys is built on open standards and can be used for deploying and executing BPML processes. It consists of a BPML code repository and a BPML runtime environment that supports dynamic monitoring and control of processes.

"With this implementation, Infosys joins a growing number of software suppliers and consulting firms that are demonstrating BPML and deploying it within production environments," said Ismael Ghalimi, chairman of BPMI.org and chief strategy officer at Intalio. "Implementations such as Infosys' dramatically contribute to the rapid establishment of BPML as the de-facto standard for business process modeling and validate BPMI.org's commitment to the development of open and royalty-free standards for business process management."

The Business Process Management Initiative is a non-profit corporation that promotes and develops the use of business process management through the establishment of open and royalty-free standards for process design, deployment, execution, monitoring and control.