Building Process Links

New solution lets companies design, build workflow applications to connect with partners

Rye, NY  September 16, 2002  Content management specialist Mobius Management Systems this week release a new Java-based business process platform for designing and building workflow applications that connect enterprises with customers and trading partners.

Mobius says companies can use WorkflowDirect, a new product in the provider's ViewDirect suite, to design and build applications that support both e-business applications, such as procurement and supply chain management, and back-office operations, such as invoice processing.

The application allows companies to define, route, track and update business tasks as required, according to the provider. The workflow can include interfaces for user interaction, as well as interfaces with systems such as finance and accounting, billing, sales and distribution.

For example, a claims processing application might start with an Internet-based claim form that is filled out and submitted electronically by the claimant, then routed for research and approval, and ultimately paid automatically by the payments system. At each step, the original claim and any associated documents, such as policies and correspondence, are available for online viewing.

Tim Donnelly, vice president of workflow solutions at Mobius, said that the solution can help improve productivity and reduce errors. "All user interactions are browser based, which enables participation in the work process by customers, partners and suppliers, while eliminating the costs of implementation on the desktop," Donnelly said.

The solution includes security that can be set at the user, group and/or company level; notifications regarding task items or events by e-mail, pager and/or fax; and work item creation manually by the user or automatically as a result of an event such as a received purchase order or generated invoice.

WorkflowDirect is available now, and pricing information is available from the provider.