Customer Requirements vs. Business Constraints

ILOG said solution combines customer configuration, business rule management capabilities

Tempe, AZ  September 24, 2002  Software company ILOG this week released a new solution designed to help businesses balance the trade-offs between customer requirements and business constraints.

ILOG said its JConfigurator 2.0, the latest addition to the provider's business rule management system (BRMS) product line, includes optimization technology that combines customer preference-driven configuration capabilities with business rule management features that give business users control of the product and service configuration process.

By giving business users the ability to change and manage configuration rules, the solution should help reduce information technology maintenance efforts and related costs while giving businesses the ability to respond more effectively not only to changing business conditions and dynamic customer needs but also to new business opportunities, the software company said.

Available immediately, the solution also has support for Web services via Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), which will allow configuration applications created as Web services to communicate remotely with other applications, including other Web services.

JConfigurator 2.0 addresses the demand for configuration software solutions in industries that sell complex products and services, such as telecommunications. Traditionally, product and service configuration solutions were rigid and hard to change, relying on pre-defined rules. ILOG said its solution allows configuration rules to be customized, permitting business users such as customer service representatives or salespeople to manage the rule changes that best meet customer and business requirements.

Additional features give an enterprise-wide audience the ability to view business rule history, assign and track business rule versions over time, manage business rule status and query business rules. These tools are supported by a central rule repository feature that allows for global business rule management across the enterprise.

Meanwhile, a company's online customers will be able to use the ILOG solution to make selections based on their preferred features and preferences, the providers said.