Optimizing Transportation at Coca-Cola

Bottler streamlining logistics management in bid to improve customer service, reduce costs

Rockville, MD  October 15, 2002  In a bid to improve customer service and reduce costs, Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated (CCBCC) is implementing logistics management solutions to optimize the bottler's complex transportation network.

With selling territories in 11 states and a consumer base of more than 18 million people, CCBCC is the second largest Coca-Cola bottler in the country, with 6,000 employees operating five production centers and 65 sales and distribution centers.

In rolling out software company Manugistics' Global Logistics Management solutions, CCBCC is looking to reduce inbound and outbound transportation costs, reduce sales and administrative expenses, improve asset utilization with more effective route planning and reduce out-of-stocks at the store level.

The bottler is also counting on the solutions to improve planning and scheduling requirements across its transportation network.

CCBCC routinely experiences sales volume swings from 200-250 percent from week-to-week for any particular product due to the frequent promotions and price changes of the soft drink industry. CCBCC previously had implemented a Web-based collaborative forecasting solution from Manugistics to help manage this volatility and simultaneously reduce inventory.

"With the new capabilities we'll be deploying, we expect to increase visibility into our process, improving customer service and enhancing trading partner relationships across our comprehensive transportation network," said Dave Hopkins, vice president of logistics at CCBCC.