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Integrated software for automated data warehousing job scheduling said to increase ROI

Cary, N.C.  October 28, 2002  Spectra Inc., a division of VNU, a marketing information services company, has said that the integration of business intelligence software provider SAS's Warehouse Administrator software with the Platform JobScheduler has generated significant return on investment (ROI) for the company.

According to the Spectra, its gives clients within the consumer goods industry the means to develop complete profiles of their best consumers. In turn, clients can assess how their target consumers' lifestyle, lifestage and attitude impact buying decisions, thus allowing them to properly define their marketing strategies.

SAS said the integration of Platform JobScheduler into the warehousing process at Spectra decreases both the time and resources that are required to manage data warehouses. Spectra stated that, with the newly integrated software, it had reduced the costs of developing, deploying and maintaining enterprise production operations because it can analyze and monitor distributed application workloads for production operations from a single point of control.

In addition to cutting operational costs, Spectra claimed it reduced the time required for data conversion when they implemented a new collection system; a process that once took weeks now only takes days.

"Data warehousing is critical to us," said Dennis Klos, vice president of data development and production, Spectra Marketing. "SAS improved reliability of extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) of data, making the information in our warehouse consistent and available for use in our information products and in delivery to our customers."

He added that, because his company operates 24/7, the integrated job scheduling and ETL functionality allowed it to reduce the time-to-market required for new processes, which, in turn, enabled it to speed delivery of critical information to its sister companies, ACNielsen and VNU Entertainment, as well as other clients.