Opening the Lines of Communication

XAware to bring data integration to systems integrators and independent software suppliers

Colorado Springs, CO  December 5, 2002  XML-based information exchange and data integration provider XAware Inc. said it is offering an out-of-the-box XML-based data integration solution for systems integrators and independent software suppliers.

"Data integration is becoming the purview of XML-based tools and solutions, such as those offered by XAware," said Ron Schmelzer, senior analyst of research firm ZapThink LLC. "This area is ripe for opportunity, especially by software suppliers and systems integrators. These users are looking for better, XML-based solutions for their data integration problems."

Xaware said its software is an alternative to the traditional enterprise application integration (EAI) or custom development solutions, both in strategy and in price. Its software has lightweight components that it said systems integrators and software suppliers can use to enable applications and databases to exchange information using XML or Web Services calls, without having to make framework decision when it comes to data integration.

"We use XAware software to integrate enterprise systems for our Fortune 500 clients. XA-Suite's integration platform provides significant time and cost savings for our customers," said Dan Mares, president of IntegrationX Inc, an IT consulting firm.

Additionally, XAware said Independent software suppliers could update their applications for XML and Web Services by using XAware components. These software engines provide access, transformation and integration capabilities, which allow applications to interoperate across traditional application silo boundaries. ISVs can use XAware to add those features without having to understand the detailed programming complexities of the standards.

"Having a flexible adaptation layer is key for a product like ours, which must interface with dozens of different customer applications," explained Charles Studt, senior product manager at TeleGea. "With the XAware data integration engine, we spent less of our internal resources developing integration code for our Accelerator Platform, making it easier and more cost effective to deploy our platform for customers."