e-Purchasing for Cousins

Real estate industry corporation selects software suite from AvidXchange

Charlotte, NC  December 30, 2002  AvidXchange, a provider of Web-based e-purchasing products, said Atlanta-based Cousins Properties implemented the AvidXchange suite of electronic purchasing solutions for their Mid-Atlantic commercial and medical facility portfolios.

By using AvidXchange's ePurchasing and eInvoicing services, Cousins will be able to reduce its overall operating costs when managing these facilities, improve internal efficiencies for their property management personnel, and more accurately forecast and track operational spend.

AvidXchange said its online applications give Cousins the capability to purchase maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) supplies from a network of electronic supplier catalogs. Additionally, Cousins has access to purchasing features that can be used to aggregate spending volumes on MRO products and services (such as landscaping, janitorial services, etc.) across multiple properties and provide facility managers with bottom-line savings.

"After evaluating AvidXchange's purchasing solutions, Cousins Properties believes that their technology will provide a competitive advantage for our properties when it comes to controlling costs," said Rob Speice, senior property manager for Cousins' Gateway Village. "We have customized our AvidXchange service package to address the specific procurement needs of each property and each market Cousins operates in, resulting in a more efficient company-wide process for managing spend and strategic budget planning."

For Cousins, the initial rollout of AvidXchange's ePurchasing software includes commercial properties and medical office buildings located in Charlotte, N.C., and Alexandria, Va., totaling two million square feet of space. The Charlotte portfolio includes Gateway Village, one of Cousins' premier commercial facilities consisting of retail space, restaurants, a hotel, YMCA and 5 surrounding residential projects.