NONSTOP Becomes Evant

Demand chain solution provider re-brands as it targets international expansion

San Fransisco  January 13, 2003  NONSTOP Solutions, a provider of demand chain solutions, is changing its name to Evant as part of its domestic and international expansion campaign this year, the company announced today.

With the international rights to the NONSTOP name belonging to another company, the provider opted to re-brand itself to ease its way into the global market, according to Katrina Roche, president and chief operating officer of Evant.

"After completing a year of triple-digit sales growth, Evant is now the fastest growing software company in the retail sector," said Roche. "In our efforts to continue this momentum, we felt it timely to re-brand the company on a global basis. Because the international rights to NONSTOP belong to another firm, we chose to go forward with Evant, the name of the company that we acquired last fall."

Evant said it posted a 200 percent-plus gain in revenues in 2002, a time when many software companies struggled in the face of a slowdown in corporate spending on technology.

The provider said it generated significant revenue from existing customers that chose to upgrade or expand their inventory and merchandise planning systems to accommodate growth. The company also added several new accounts during the year, including Staples, Camping World and Party America.