Driving Real-time Quality Management

Powerwave turns to performance management solution for continuous visibility to production, quality data

San Jose, CA  February 11, 2003  Powerwave Technologies, a supplier of radio frequency (RF) power amplifiers, has implemented a performance management solution from Datasweep in a bid to increase quality by gaining real-time access to production and quality data throughout a product's lifecycle.

Santa Ana, Calif.-based Powerwave manufactures a diverse line of high performance RF power amplifiers for the wireless communications market. These products are utilized in cellular, PCS and 3G base stations.

The company purchased Datasweep's Advantage solution in June 2002 and has now deployed it on three of its production lines. The Datasweep applications track complete history records for each unit, including test results and all quality information, work-in-process inventory and first-pass yields. Route enforcement ensures that units are sent through the correct process based on test results. Corrective actions and quality control procedures are incorporated to ensure that the most current process steps are followed.

Datasweep said the applications allow Powerwave to rapidly identify and correct issues as they occur on individual units. The information provided from the Datasweep system helps Powerwave quickly determine root cause, which can lead to faster problem resolution and less scrap and rework costs.

"The Datasweep solution is changing the way we operate and control our production lines," said Chuck Baril, senior director of quality assurance at Powerwave. "We now have real-time visibility and control to drive lean manufacturing and predictable quality initiatives into our operations. These initiatives are aimed at helping us control and improve yields and enforce best practice processes across the shop floor."

"Powerwave represents a new set of manufacturers who recognize the power of visibility and process management across operations and quality," said Vladimir Preysman, president and CEO of Datasweep. "Manufacturers need real-time access to integrated data across planning, suppliers, production and service, which gives them the insight to make informed decisions quickly and flexibly in markets where business requirements can change rapidly."

Datasweep's other customers include Siemens Medical Solutions, which in December said it would implement the provider's operations performance management solution in an effort to achieve its goal of continuous quality improvement. (See related story.)