Exit "Emery"

Name change for forwarding company completes transition to Menlo Worldwide moniker

Redwood City, CA  February 11, 2003  Emery Forwarding plans to change its name to Menlo Worldwide Forwarding by the beginning of next year, completing the final phase of the Emery brand's transition to the Menlo name.

Emery is a leading global heavyweight transportation provider that is one of the companies doing business under the Menlo Worldwide brand. Menlo Worldwide is a $2.7 billion business segment of CNF Inc.

In December 2001, CNF formed Menlo Worldwide. At that time, Emery joined CNF sister companies Menlo Worldwide Logistics, Vector SCM and Menlo Worldwide Technologies under the new Menlo Worldwide brand umbrella.

Since the formation of Menlo Worldwide, Emery Expedite! has changed its name to Menlo Worldwide Expedite! and Emery Customs Brokers has changed its name to Menlo Worldwide Trade Services. The Emery Forwarding name change will complete the transition to the Menlo Worldwide brand.

Emery said that because the company does business in more than 200 countries worldwide, it will take some time to complete the name change in all of those countries and the Menlo Worldwide Forwarding name will be phased in over the rest of 2003.

John Williford, Menlo Worldwide president and CEO, said a primary reason for the formation of Menlo Worldwide was to make it easier for the company's customers to identify and use the range of supply chain services the firm provides.

Emery was founded in 1946 by John Emery, Sr. and was the first air freight forwarder to apply for a common carrier license from the U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board. By 1956, Emery had expanded overseas with its first international office in London and was a pioneer in supply chain technology as early as 1969, when it introduced its computerized tracking and tracing system called EMCON. Emery became part of CNF in 1989.