ERP Revving Up at American IronHorse Motorcycle

Teams with Baan and TriNET to implement solution

Herndon, VA Ñ February 25, 2003 Ñ Baan, an enterprise application provider for industrial enterprises; and TriNET, a full service provider of enterprise software products, services and support, announced today that American IronHorse Motorcycle Co. Ñ a manufacturer of high-performance, customized motorcycles Ñ will install the iBaan for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.

According to the provider, the iBaan ERP solution will be installed at the Fort Worth headquarters of American IronHorse to help manufacturing, distribution and finance processes. The iBaan ERP solution is also being implemented to improve productivity and reduce costs in the areas of inventory, manufacturing and order fulfillment. The iBaan solution will be implemented by TriNET Inc., a Baan sales alliance firm.

The iBaan suite of Internet-enabled solutions combines Baan technology with new developments, providing provides end-users with personalized information and enabling collaboration.

Bob Kay, chief operating officer, American IronHorse, said his company selcted Baan because of its enterprise modeling, manufacturing functionality and overall completeness of the iBaan solution, as well as the fact that they would be working with one supplier for the entire project. "We are a fast growing company, and improving our current business processes is key to supporting future growth,Ó said Kay. ÒThe integration capabilities offered by iBaan can help us streamline and coordinate our supply chain of dealers with our manufacturing operations, and the iBaan solution can make it easier to plan for the future and respond more flexibly to changing market conditions.Ó