Comergent Debuts Customer Service Solution

New app promises real-time win/loss analysis to improve sales effectiveness

Redwood City, CA — June 10, 2003 — Demand chain management specialist Comergent this week rolled out a new solution designed to give customer service representatives and other customer-facing personnel access to real-time enterprise data.

Comergent says that the C3 Customer Service Solution allows customer service representatives (CSR's) the ability to see what a customer sees and to act on behalf of a customer to find and configure products, determine customer-specific pricing, identify and suggest complementary products, place and change orders, check order status and view order history, and access invoices.

C3 Customer Service complements and integrates with existing call center solutions, and the solution provides search functionality that enablesCSR's to complete various customer requests, according to Comergent.

Win/loss functionality enables CSR's and other customer-facing personnel not only to capture orders on behalf of customers but also to capture instances when customers do not actually purchase. This information can then be analyzed to respond to market changes with necessary modifications to products, product bundles or competitive pricing, Comergent says.

"The most common customer service questions are about order status: where it is, when will it ship, and when will it be delivered," said David Burlington, senior vice president of product development for Comergent. "Most call center and [customer relationship management] applications cannot answer these important questions. Instead, the CSR usually accesses a separate, non-user friendly ERP system which is not designed for customer service use. Comergent C3 Customer Service is built expressly for customer service representatives."

Choice Hotels is currently upgrading their current Comergent E-Business System to incorporate C3 Customer Service. The hotel group uses Comergent solutions in its order-management portal for franchisees.

"Our customer service representatives have received early training and are very pleased with the extended capabilities offered with Comergent C3 Customer Service," said Brad Douglas, vice president of emerging businesses for Choice Hotels. "We anticipate that customer call sessions will be more effective. Our CSR's will not only address requests more efficiently, but they will also have the tools and data they need to expertly recommend complementary products and services."