Requisite Taps Intigma for Data Cleansing

Catalog management specialist attacks "content crisis" facing large enterprises with complex product data

Catalog management specialist attacks "content crisis" facing large enterprises with complex product data

Westminster, CO — June 20, 2003 — Catalog management specialist Requisite Technology has signed up Intigma, a developer of data cleansing and enrichment automation tools, to provide content services for Requisite and its customers, using its own content tools as well as Requisite's solution for content creation and management.

The focus of the partnership is to help large organizations to consolidate, normalize and enrich product data from disparate sources into a functional catalog, with the goal of transforming raw data into a strategic asset that can help drive down costs while supporting procurement and sourcing decisions.

The two providers assert that large enterprises face a "content crisis," with different sources of product data trapped in multiple structures and formats. Solving this problem with enriched and unified information can provide sourcing professionals and other decision-makers with detailed "spend visibility" at the item level, permitting better assessments of global spend and reducing costs for initiatives like inventory sharing and part duplicate reduction.

Under the agreement, Intigma will use the combined tools of Requisite and Intigma, including Intigma's Prodilynx content automation platform and Requisite's proprietary factory content services, eMerge content management system, BugsEye finding engine, Content Workstation tool and Requisite's taxonomy platform. The relationship makes Intigma Requisite's preferred provider for English-language cleansing and content creation services for data from sources such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), e-procurement, supplier relationship management (SRM), enterprise asset management (EAM) and product lifecycle management (PLM).

"We were looking for a partner who could complement our existing services and data management expertise for large enterprises, including SAP customers," says Requisite Chairman and CEO Bob King. "In the end, Intigma had the automation technology, processes and veteran management team we needed to solve the data management issues that still plague many companies."

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