PeopleSoft Updates Supply Chain Planning

Version 8.8 adds new applications for demand, inventory policy and supply planning

Version 8.8 adds new applications for demand, inventory policy and supply planning

Pleasanton, CA — June 26, 2003 — PeopleSoft this week rolled out the newest upgrade to its supply chain planning solution, which features new applications for demand, inventory policy and supply planning.

The new Supply Chain Planning 8.8 uses a centralized data warehouse that combines planning, performance management and operational systems. PeopleSoft says that the resultant real-time collaboration and analysis capabilities can help companies to improve forecast accuracy, quickly adjust plans to reflect changes in the market and ensure that business analysis and financial reports are based on the most up-to-date information.

The planning solution shares a common analytical platform with transaction systems, which means that managers can be alerted when orders deviate from the forecast. This can help increase plan accuracy and confidence, streamline planning cycles and ensure that operations more accurately reflect actual demand and supply, the solution provider asserts.

The three new applications in the solution include Demand Planning, which allows companies to create demand forecasts based on statistical analysis of demand history, causal factors such as events and promotions, and input from both employees and trading partners. This application features 14 new forecasting algorithms, enabling comparison of forecasts to actual sales results to continually improve plan accuracy.

Inventory Policy Planning is intended to help organizations strategically manage inventory to reduce carrying costs, labor costs and inventory write-offs. New analytics enable planners to create "what-if" scenarios to compare current inventory policies with alternative policies, project the cost of different inventory strategies and measure impact across the supply chain.

Finally, Supply Planning, an advanced planning and scheduling application, can help companies ensure that purchases and production capacity are aligned to produce the products in highest demand. Integration with PeopleSoft's Demand Planning enables planners to create "smart" schedules that are tied to forecasted events. In addition, PeopleSoft says its so-called "pure Internet architecture" enables real-time interaction between a company and its suppliers: suppliers can update product availability, enabling manufacturers to determine quickly if they can deliver newly requested materials.

Patrick Quirk, general manager for PeopleSoft Manufacturing, suggested that some companies have been disappointed by planning systems that were poorly integrated and that therefore have proved unable to adapt to the complex realities of manufacturing operations. "By bringing planning, transactions and analytics together on a single platform, supply chain plans will be feasible, more accurate and trusted," Quirk asserted.