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SupplierInsight's joint-venture in Beijing touted to help companies find and evaluate suppliers in low-cost countries

SupplierInsight's joint-venture in Beijing touted to help companies find and evaluate suppliers in low-cost countries

Cleveland — July 9, 2003 — Supplier management software provider SupplierInsight today announced the signing of a joint venture agreement with Beijing New Century Certification Co., Ltd. (BCC). The joint venture launches a company called Beijing New Century Resources Co., Ltd (BNCR). According to SupplierInsight, this company helps corporations find and evaluate suppliers in China and other low-cost countries.

The provider said the timing of the joint venture is advantageous for global corporations that may have had problems reaching their low-cost country sourcing goals in recent months.

Services that BNCR provides include supplier management, import/export documentation, order management, payment facilitation and logistics.

Founded in 1994, BCC was one of the first nine certification organizations in China. It has audited more than 6,000 businesses since inception. The company has auditing expertise across a number of industries, including electrical and electronic components and assemblies, food processing, packaging, metal parts and fabrication, and plastic parts and processing.

Completion of the joint venture agreement is one of the first major accomplishments for Charles Scholl, who was named president of SupplierInsight this past April. Scholl was one of the co-founders of SupplierInsight in 1999, and most recently served as the vice president of its Services division.

In seeking to manage the growth of BNCR and work directly with U.S.-based customers, Scholl hired Kent Pun in recent months. Pun serves as SupplierInsight's director of Low-Cost Country (LCC) Sourcing. Before joining SupplierInsight, Pun was the eCommerce Program manager at Eaton Corp., where he was responsible for the company's eAuction program. Pun received a MS degree in eCommerce from Carnegie Mellon University and has two engineering degrees from the University of Akron.

Executives at Beijing-based BNCR are equally enthusiastic about the joint venture. "The joint venture means better utilization of our auditors' skills, and that global companies will have the opportunity to save significantly on their costs of doing business with China," explained Yan Zhao, president, BNCR. "It's a win-win situation for everyone."