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Benco Dental automates services, enables suppliers to electronically trade with dental distributor

Benco Dental automates services, enables suppliers to electronically trade with dental distributor

Newark, CA  August 12, 2003  Supply chain automation solutions provider Advanced Data Exchange (ADX this week announced that Benco Dental, one of the nation's largest distributors of dental supplies and equipment, has selected ADX to electronically connect its partner and supplier base.

ADX said it would implement a comprehensive program to connect more than 1,000 of Benco's suppliers to reduce costs and simplify business processes for all parties along the supply chain. Pennsylvania-based Benco Dental is a $250 million company with more than 20,000 customers in 18 states.

The provider said the dental supply industry is comprised of thousands of highly specialized suppliers that are constantly exchanging various business documents, such as purchase orders and invoices, with their trading partners. Many of these suppliers cannot afford the expense and complication of electronic data interchange (EDI) software, and are stuck maintaining manual transaction processing via fax, mail and telephone.

ADX offers an outsourced service that will help Benco Dental achieve cost reductions in accounts payable by eliminating the manual processes associated with handling paper invoices. In addition, by establishing an electronic connection to suppliers, Benco Dental will be in a position to automate supply chain transactions for collaborative commerce with suppliers.

"After a thorough evaluation of solution providers, it became clear to us that ADX could quickly and effectively improve our supply chain processes," said Richard Cohen, senior vice president of Benco Dental. "Our goal is to process the vast majority of our business transactions using electronic connectivity. The benefits to both ourselves and our trading partners will have a tangible impact on our bottom lines and will ultimately improve collaboration with our supplier base."