Schneider Selects Untethered Trailer Tracking Solution

QUALCOMM to provide asset management for logistics provider

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QUALCOMM to provide asset management for logistics provider

Green Bay, WI, and San Diego, CA — August 20, 2003 — Schneider National Inc., a provider of premium truckload and intermodal transportation and logistics solutions, today named QUALCOMM Wireless Business Solutions, a division of QUALCOMM Inc., as its untethered trailer tracking provider.

The company said it would use QUALCOMM's untethered TrailerTRACS asset management system for its nationwide trailer fleet.

"After surveying our customers, we found that over two-thirds want to know where the trailer is at all times and if it is loaded or unloaded," stated Scott Arves, president, transportation sector, Schneider National. "Moreover, the customer is willing to reward the carrier who offers trailer tracking with more business."

In addition, using the new system, Schneider National said it would experience productivity and efficiency gains in trailer asset management and utilization such as visibility and the ability to monitor status (loaded or empty), location, and know if a trailer is hooked to or unhooked from a tractor or a rail car. Schneider National hopes these gains will increase driver productivity and job satisfaction, enhance customer service and increase trailer security.

Arves added, "The tracking data allows Schneider National to achieve optimal equipment positioning and utilization so that customers' requests for capacity can be filled faster than ever before."

"We are excited to be selected as Schneider National's untethered trailer tracking provider," said Chris Wolfe, president of QUALCOMM Wireless Business Solutions. "This designation builds upon our strong 15 year relationship with Schneider National and its commitment to innovation and technology leadership."