UCC Launches Solution Partner Program

To increase awareness, adoption and implementation of Uniform Code Council standards

To increase awareness, adoption and implementation of Uniform Code Council standards

Lawrenceville, N.J. — August 21, 2003 — The Uniform Code Council Inc. (UCC), which facilitates efficient international business, recently announced the official launch of its UCC Solution Partner Program to increases awareness, adoption and implementation of UCC standards.

It said the program will facilitate a partnership between the UCC and solution providers to produce standards-compliant, "off-the-shelf" implementation solutions for the expanding UCC community.

The program provides member companies with UCC-certified resources where they can find software, hardware and consultants for implementation services. By using standardized and compliant solutions, UCC said companies will be able to minimize implementation costs, maximize supply chain cost savings and raise productivity.

UCC standards include the EAN.UCC System and RosettaNet standards. EAN.UCC System standards provide companies in 23 major industry verticals with a global language of business to uniquely identify products, assets, locations and logistics units across the global supply chain, as well as enable corresponding electronic information to be communicated in a consistent fashion.

RosettaNet uses open Internet-based business standards that align processes within the global high-tech and telecommunications trading networks.

UCC said its new UCC Solution Partner Program serves as an umbrella program for all of the divisions of the UCC. It will support implementation of Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) and Electronic Commerce standards of the EAN.UCC System as well as UCCnet, RosettaNet, and the newly formed AutoID U.S., LLC.

The UCC is currently migrating UCCnet Alliance Partners to the new UCC Solution Partner Program. The UCC Solution Partner Program will then be expanded to embrace AIDC and Electronic Commerce certification programs later in 2003, with support for the RosettaNet and AutoID U.S., LLC communities in 2004.

According to Dennis Harrison, UCC senior vice president and president of EAN.UCC, the UCC Solution Partner Program has generated significant interest from companies around the world eager to become certified UCC Solution Partners. "This is a program that delivers cost-effective solutions for our member companies and their trading partners while driving correct implementation of Uniform Code Council standards," said Harrison.

Since the program's inception in early July 2003, the following companies have signed as UCC Solution Partners: bTrade, EDS, FullTilt Solutions, HAHT Commerce, Integrated Software Systems (ISS), iWay Software Inc., LANSA, Ontuet Technologies, Sterling Commerce, TR2 Consulting, Thomas Smith (AGSA.US), Trigo Technologies Inc., Velosel Corp., and webMethods.