VF Corp. Taps EDI/INT Software

Apparel company seeking to meet AS2 requirements and reduce VAN fees

Apparel company seeking to meet AS2 requirements and reduce VAN fees

Atlanta — August 21, 2003 — Inovis, a provider of business commerce automation solutions, this week announced that apparel company VF Corp. has chosen the IPNet BizManager 400 Internet electronic data integration (EDI/NT) solution to meet the AS2 requirements of its retail partners.

Having achieved a return on investment (ROI) from the first generation eBizness Transact product, VF Corp. said it would migrate to BizManager 400, which offers a system for automating the exchange of supply information with customers and partners.

"We achieved ROI within six months of implementing our IPNet software and have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in VAN fees since," said Barry Deaton, manager of EDI Systems for VF Services. "IPNet has enabled us to become much more efficient in meeting the AS2 requirements of retailers."

According to Inovis, IPNet BizManager 400 is a trading partner connectivity solution. It uses the Internet and industry standards architecture to enable a community of trading partners to exchange business data, providing a cost-effective alternative to value-added networks (VANs) and speeding the flow of information.

IPNet BizManager 400, along with other IPNet products, became part of the Inovis product and service portfolio when Inovis acquired IPNet in July 2003.