Glovia Delivers Material Management, Product Planning

New version of extended ERP solution to increase granular visibility of inventory orders for greater management capabilities

El Segundo, CA — October 18, 2006 — Glovia International, a provider of extended enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for engineer-to-order and high-volume manufacturers, has introduced additional manufacturing management capabilities available in the latest release of its extended ERP solution,

The new version, v9, stems from customer input and direction from Fujitsu, which is not only Glovia's parent company but its largest reseller, to build and expand upon the materials management and product planning functionality of previous versions of the product.

v9 Manufacturing Management provides control to manage material and production planning. It includes both finite and infinite capacity planning capabilities to help develop realistic schedules, and shop floor functionality to track and manage each step of the manufacturing process.

New substitution capabilities enable selection of vendor purchasing substitutions to be bought. To support these enhancements, MRP/MPS has been modified to include the appropriate planning considerations based on these items and their exclusions and exceptions. v9 also provides additional allocation flexibility, enabling the system to be set to plan orders on a first-in-first-out basis, with orders planned as they are entered, or planned in batches, taking priority into account.

To improve operational visibility, Glovia said all planning documents have time fields added down to a new level of granularity with a work start time and work stop time for each day. To gain planning date and time granularity, lead times are now expressed in days or hours, and fixed lead times can be expressed in 15-minute increments.

Three new workbenches have also been designed to provide granular visibility of inventory requirements for work, sales and transfer orders. Each workbench has drill-down capabilities for enhanced granular management with orders displayed in date and time sequence with status and availability.

"The factory floor is the center of manufacturer's supply chain, where customer demands, production resources and supply shipments meet," commented Navin Goel, vice president of Products for Glovia International. "It is critical to succeed in this environment, and the enhanced management capabilities provide the flexibility and control to achieve a production plan that balances the needs of sales, manufacturing, finance and customers.