IQMS Offering Solution for Wireless Access to Host ERP Systems

IQMS solution to be used in conjunction with eSP wireless terminal software's thin-client design for unique functionality, added value for customers

Tustin, CA — November 2, 2006 — eBusiness Solution Pros (eSP), a provider of wireless terminal software solutions, has announced a strategic partnership agreement with enterprise resource planning (ERP) software provider IQMS that will allow IQMS to offer eSP's Stay-Linked — as a Stay-Linked Certified Partner — in conjunction with its ERP applications.

IQMS said its EnterpriseIQ can handle a company's ERP needs without requiring third-party interfaces, and it also provides a real-time foundation for collaborative and e-business environments within a single database. Additionally, eSP's Stay-Linked, which supports a wide range of host system platforms and wireless terminal devices, provides session persistence and centralized management in a single thin-client solution specifically designed for wireless terminal emulation applications.

"IQMS is proud to join forces with eSP to offer Stay-Linked technology alongside EnterpriseIQ," said Glenn Nowak, vice president of sales at IQMS. "EnterpriseIQ lets manufacturers gain real-time control and visibility to achieve leaner operations, support growth and maintain data integrity. Stay-Linked complements this value by enhancing connectivity to EnterpriseIQ software and by supporting IQMS's strategy to deliver quantifiable results to customers."

Stay-Linked offers next-generation centralized, secure wireless terminal access to 5250/3270, VT100/220 and SSHv2 host-based screen applications. Unlike the legacy, device-resident Telnet or SSHv2 products, all terminal emulation and client device/session control with Stay-Linked runs natively on the same host system as the Telnet or SSHv2 server. Only a thin-client software component resides on each wireless terminal device.

Because the user's session does not run on the device itself, Stay-Linked allows centralized help-desk support staff to view, control and interact with host-based wireless terminal user sessions in real-time, even if the user's device can no longer access the host system. When temporary disruptions in wireless device-to-host access occur, users are automatically returned to their original wireless session — the exact same screen and cursor location — as soon as access is restored.

Mike Pagani, eSP's vice president of sales and marketing, said "IQMS has a solid reputation for delivering quality, full-featured solutions to its ERP customers. We look forward to Stay-Linked contributing to IQMS's continued success as the solution of choice to provide next-generation functionality for its wireless terminal applications."