Glovia Supports Demand-driven Manufacturing Environments

Extended ERP functionality gives operational visibility for real-time responsiveness

El Segundo, CA — December 6, 2006 — Glovia International, a provider of extended enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for engineer-to-order and high-volume manufacturers, has announced its ability to successfully support demand-driven manufacturing environments with the company's extended ERP solution,

The push to be more responsive is forcing many manufacturers to transform operations to become more demand-driven, Glovia said. Manufacturers require applications and systems that provide complete visibility into their operations and help them react in real-time.

Glovia said its demand-driven, integrated supply chain provides manufacturers greater management capabilities to synchronize demand, production and supply. Extensive planning, scheduling and execution functionality enable greater control of critical operations; streamline customer and supplier management; and improve collaboration, visibility and communication.

Glovia added that demand-driven manufacturing carries additional benefits beyond improving customer service levels. By linking production and procurement more tightly with demand, manufacturers benefit from significant cost savings, including lower finished goods and raw materials inventory levels as well as reduced production costs.