ORBIS Integrates Sustainability into Top Frame Plastic

ORBIS Corporation introduces a new lightweight plastic tom frame for product protection in food and beverage transportation.

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ORBIS Corporation designs a new plastic top frame packaging product to unitize full pallet loads of rigid packaging such as beverage products, which combines them into larger, more stable unit loads. The idea is to create a more convenient method of handling, shipping and storage. 


  • Made from recycled material, this top frame’s smooth multidirectional plastic construction protects product with no nails, rust or splinters causing unwanted damage while still securing product with cleated traction corners.
  • Apart from its sustainable and protective advantages, this top frame improves the efficiency of any supply chain with features such as a consistent weight for accurate transportation costs and compatibility with palletizing and depalletizing equipment. Operations can optimize this new high-pressure top frame by pairing it with a pallet and divider sheet for a full solution, reinforcing ORBIS as a one-stop shop for every transportation and storage need in the food and beverage industry.