Sun Products Deploys RedPrairie Warehouse Management across 22 North American facilities

Leading detergent manufacturer enhances operations for scalability, traceability, accountability, and visibility

Atlanta — May 23, 2011 — The Sun Products Corp., a North American manufacturer and marketer of fabric and dish care products, has deployed RedPrairie's Warehouse Management solution across 22 manufacturing and distribution facilities.

Due to the rapid product velocities within the laundry and dish care category, Sun Products needed a system that could support vast inventory volumes. The company distributes products under its own brands, including All, Wisk and Snuggle, and through private labels for many North American retailers.

"When we initiated the project, we were focused on moving away from a paper-based system, and on to a state-of-the-art WMS that would provide traceability, accountability, and reporting tools to shore up our operation for growth," says Blair Hawley, senior vice president for distribution and logistics at Sun Products. "Over the course of the implementation, through their industry experience and knowledge, RedPrairie has become a truly trusted advisor."

Sun Products is especially pleased with the system's scalability, which will enable the company to utilize Warehouse Management in all of its sites. With the line servicing and cross-docking capabilities the solution provides, Sun Products has already seen a number of new efficiencies across its entire supply chain.