Global Procurement and Supply Chain Management for Chemicals and Petrochemicals

February 29, 2012
March 2, 2012
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With underlying raw material and energy costs experiencing double digit percent increases, the mature downstream and chemical industries are facing unprecedented price pressure. To ensure companies are retaining competative pricing and service, they must proactively manage their supply base and implement strategic procurement processes. Concerns like lack of material availability, shortages of transport demand planning and mastering contractual management are high on the agenda. The current volatility of the global market demands optimal risk management processes, and implementing mechanisms to protect international supply chains has also become a top priority. Industry key players need to carefully align their supply chain structures with the overall company strategy. Emerging markets such as Eastern Europe, India and China and the availability of low-cost raw materials and labor in these regions ensure continuing focus on global supply-chains. Global players are re-shaping their supply chains to remain ahead of the competition and unlock value. This marcus evans conference will provide the latest insights into price risk management techniques and the growing range of complex instruments available to facilitate them. It will discuss how strategic sourcing practices can sharpen your competative edge and enable you to benchmark your company supply chain improvement programme with your competitors. Delegates will learn about the methods to implement demand-driven operations which will be needed to achieve significant profitability gains from supply chain enhancements.