One Hour Translation Introduces WeST Solution

Website translation service to cuts costs and minimizes the labor of localizing a site to enable online businesses to penetrate international markets

New York, N.Y.June 12, 2013One Hour Translation now offers a new Website translation solution that cuts costs and minimizes the labor of localizing a site, enabling online businesses to penetrate international markets. The WeST solution provides Website translation services that are seamless and continuous.

“WeST is changing the way Websites are localized, making it faster, easier and cheaper to localize a site and keep it updated,” said Ofer Shoshan, Chief Executive Officer of One Hour Translation. “It is designed to be so seamless that once the code is implemented on the Website, business can forget that it is there—automatically localizing the Website as content is updated and changed.”

Typically, Website localization requires expensive software platforms; a multi-lingual content management system; or manual work to accurately translate text in various languages. WeST can be easily implemented on any Website, regardless of the platform, to translate any line of text with human translators rather than machine-based localization.

WeST is an add-on to any Web page, similar to Google Analytics and quickly maps all the site text and automatically sends it to human translators for localization. One Hour Translation provides a platform for translators to easily view all content and images so that the translation matches the entire context of the site. In addition, as the Website is updated, any new text added is immediately sent to translators for localization so that the site is continuously being translated on an ongoing basis.

Other cost saving features, include the Translation Memory Cloud (TMC) that stores previously translated text so that translators don’t have to duplicate efforts. The TMC was created to reduce translation costs and time spent on localization. WeST enables business owners with little or no technological background to easily and seamlessly integrate the code on a site to be professionally translated.

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